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    Mimi Gilbert

    singer, songwriter, indie artist Mimi Gilbert talks about her journey travelling as a street performer around Australia, New Zealand and the USA. She speaks about her shyness as a young girl and the challenges she went through putting her art out into the world and how she overcame her trepidation to share her inner most feelings.

    Alissa has endured many challenges which have rocked her beliefs, body and mind but through it all she remained connected with spirit, with love and devotion to a higher cause. This is a profound conversation with a magnificent soul who has found something many dream of. Acceptance, Joy, Fulfillment and Love of life, no matter what is occurring.

    Grammy Award Winning New Age Composer Musician and Artist, Paul Avgerinos beautiful Album ‘Grace’ won Best New Age Album at the Grammy’s 2016, This album is so relaxing and a sublime way to get back to Grace. Hear Paul talk about how Grace came about, his journey with his spirituality, meeting his teacher on earth Mata Amritanandamayi (the Hugging Mother)

    Edo Kahn on ATP Media

    Take some time to watch this all the way to the end, it may just change your life! I talk with singer songwriter, kirtan, mantra musician and co-founder of ‘A Sound Life,’  Edo shares his journey with music, the transition from pop to mantra, meeting his guru, and his wife Jo Mall. He talks about his journey with the transition of Jo and how he finds peace knowing we are eternal beings.

    David Starfire Karuna on ATP Media

    Listen to David Starfire chat with KAren Swain about his new Fab Album Karuna, which supports The Freedom House in Burma. Hear how it came into being and about all the AMAZING artist on the album. This is a Fascinating chat and preview of the Album

    Nahko Bear Medicine for the people

    Medicine for the People

    It was so great to catch up with Nahko again as he heads down under for BluesFest 2016.

    We chat about his life journey, his birth and finding his roots. Have a listen to our fun chat for ATP...

    Pape Mbaey on ATP Media

    Listen to Pape Mbaye, said with a silent ‘e’ at the end of Pape and silent ‘M’ at the beginning of Mbaye, chat with me on radio.

    One of the BEST smiles in the world. He shares his music and some of his stories This man is full of Pearls of Wisdom!

    Jess Porfiri

    Upcoming Super Star Singer/Songwriter Jess Porfiri chats with KAren about her music, family and how as a family unit they all found faith through a series of miracles. We play some of her songs and chat about what happens when we die, Law of Attraction and her dreams for the future..

    Ganga ashworth

    Ganga Ashworth came into the studios to sing live on air to us and tell us her wonderful stories and life journey. Listen to her singing the silver circle aria. A luminary in her field, Ganga has lectured at University in Music Education.

    Alana Fairchild on ATP Media

    Listen to Alana Fairchild on ATP Radio with KAren Swain on Sat 18 July 2015 talking about her journey and the birth and evolution of the Divine Circus.

    Derek Amato

    Derek Amato is an acquired Musical Savant who sees the music. After an accident diving into a swimming pool 8 years ago he began playing multiple instruments fluently having never played before. He sees the music as little spots of squares in his mind's eye, this is known as Synesthesia.

    Jo Mall

    I spoke with Jo Mall Kahn, from Edo and Jo, on ATP radio about Jo’s new music project VAANI.

    On this segment of the ATP on Soul Traveller Radio we hear Edo and Jo’s song BLISS as well as Jo’s new song “The First Ray’ a remix with Matt Singmin (a.k.a SOLON) before our chat.



    Listen to my chat with Marcus Berg from Markandeya with Anders Augustsson out in Australia for their Australian tour starting in Sydney at One Space then to Byron for Bali Spirit festival.

    Shayne Locke on ATP Media

    Shayne Locke Co-Founder of Sage Magazine and Soul Traveller Radio, started a radio station that plays All conscious music all the time and what you can expect to find when you tune into Soul Traveller internet Radio.

    Vanessa Forbes

    Listen to my wonderful conversation with the very talented singer, song writer, photographer and inspiration, Vanessa Forbes. We talk about her album ‘Love letters from the Universe’ and how learning about the Law of Attraction inspired her to create it. Hear how she met the Love of her dreams after many years and the process which brought this about.

    Emanuel Lieberfreund CD Launch

    The Very talented Multi Instrumentalist Emanuel Lieberfreund chat with me about his CD Launch and his new Album Atma's Sphere on Sydney radio

    Moriya Light Sound healer

    Sound Healer from Israel Moriya Light joined KAren in the ATP studio's to talk about his journey busking around the world and healing with his amazing sounds. Moriya graced us with some of his healing sounds, this is a delight.. Sit back RELAX and Enjoy the beautiful sounds of Moriya Light..

    Elia Unbreakable

    Listen to my chat with inspirational young singer/songwriter Elia a singer-songwriter from Sydney, Australia. Her Unbreakable campaign is to raise awareness and funds for the treatment of Eating Disorders.

    lulu and mischka

    We had the wonderful Lulu and Mischka in the ATP radio studio Sat 4 March 2015, we talked about their journey, finding each other and playing beautiful heart centered Music. Listen to their brand new songs from the upcoming album.

    Nadav kahn

    Such a great chat with nadav and Jess as we hear about the making of OH and Nadav shares wisdom about his first album Love melts fear and much more. Nadav sings live in the studio Never Alone.

    Jess and Nadav Kahn

     Jessy Chapnik Kahn and Nadav Kahn chat with KAren about the making Jessy’s first solo album ‘OH’ and the film clip, the dancing Accountant, Despite the Gods doco, Nadav shares wisdom about his first album ‘Love melts fear’ and much more…


    Singer-songwriter and swedish superstar named Mirva, Madelaine Vallin joined me as my co-host on ATP Radio for a while and together we had a ball. Originary from Sweden Madelaine married a Scottish man and with two children enjoys her life in Australia as a therapist and artist.

    morgan evans

    Cruisin with G (Glen Millanta ) and I had a chat with Country Music Rising Star Morgan Evans who is making a big splash in the States with his new self titled album, ‘Morgan Evans.’

    Ben Lee

    I chat with Ben Lee in April 2013 about his new CD “AYAHUASCA: WELCOME TO THE WORK” We talk about his spiritual views and practises, unconditional Love, his experiences having children, what he wants upcoming artist to know and his message or legacy to anyone following him.


    Listen to my fab chat with Singer Song writer and Comic Genius Luke Escombe on ATP Radio.

    We chat about his famous dad, how he turned songwriting into comedy, confidence, audience participation and much more. Luke is the sexiest voice on radio

    Toni Childs on ATP Media

    Listen to my wonderful chat on Accentuate the Positive radio with Toni about her exciting new adventures this year.

    We talk about the love she has for the new album & live experiential show Citizens of the Planet, which will be in Sydney in 2013.


    Grace Farris

    Grace Farris and Daniel Murchison from ‘Burn Antares’ band chat with KAren on Northside ATP Radio about their music and its influences and Grace talks about being the daughter of Andrew Farris from INXS and how this is impacting her life and music career.


    She is one who is Daring Greatly by putting herself out there into the public arena, she seized an opportunity to re-engage her passion for singing and Opera and has done so with a big bang on Australian TV.








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