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  • You Are A Genius Creator

    Learn More About The Law of Attraction

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    Your Vibe Attracts your tribe. 

    In truth I focus on Deliberate Creation with all my conversation on ATP Media. 

    We have come as Genius Creators, swimming through this time space reality of contrasts and the buffer of linear time, to sharpen our abilities to focus, expand and grow. Enjoy our conversations. ks x

    Clayton John Ainger on ATP Media

    I chat with spiritual teacher, corporate coach, psychic medium and international speaker CLAYTON JOHN AINGER about The MAGIC SHOP of CREATION. We hear about his spiritual download in a meditation at Stonehenge and how this changed his life and gave him the material for his Book. We explore how to shift physical reality by molding our energy flow, and discuss what a soul mate relationship is vs a twin flame relationship.

    Listen to my chat with Andrew Holt, an ex school teacher who listen to primary school children complain about what they don't want a lot. Andrew went on to create a children's book to teach children about the Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation.

    KAern Swain

    How is Law of Attraction working in your life?

    I’m here to help you discover this and reveal how we are all working with this in everything we do, think and feel.

    Listen to some of my recording explaining how Law of Attraction is working in your life. Let us know if you have more questions.

    Love letters from the Universe

    Listen to my wonderful conversation with the very talented singer, song writer, photographer and inspiration, Vanessa Forbes. We talk about her album ‘Love letters from the Universe’ and how learning about the Law of Attraction inspired her to create it. Hear how she met the Love of her dreams after many years and the process which brought this about. This is a beautiful and inspired conversation.

    Have a listen to my wonderful chat with Nicolas Perrin on his podcast show ‘Breaking Free from the 9-5‘ … We chat about The Ins & Outs of Deliberate Creation and Law of Attraction.

    I had a couple of conversations with Natalie, who experience an NDE after being blown up in a bomb blast in Iraq in 2007. One of them focusses on Manifestation and Deliberate Creation, as Natalie sees it from her broader perspective in our non physical home. This was the very first conversation on ATP, I was brave enough to show my face on a youtube vid, after my guides pestered me for years to do this. Enjoy!

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