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    Scribe for The Team Books: A Mother’s Wisdom from the Other Side, chats about connecting with her mother & spiritual team in higher dimensions.

    “You are not alone! You are not really even functioning as just one person. Nobody is… for you are a member of a spiritual Team as close to you as breathing.”

    JOAnna Ferrari

    JoAnna Ferrari and I explore the secret self and how to rip off the labels society gives us, which do not define us as a soul or human connected to source. Who is the secret self, who lives within us? Do you allow her/him to shine, to be heard and to be seen. How do we touch this part of us?

    Listen to my wonderful conversation with the fabulous inspirational teacher JoAnna Ferrari. I Love this wonderful Soul! 😃

    peter lyn maintosh

    Peter & Lyn McIntosh

    How do we find the money we need to build our vision for the future? I chat with Peter Mcintosh about he and his wife, Lyn’s journey of TRUST and building the Pyramids of Chi, Sound Temples in Bali.

    Listen to this fascinating story of transformation, TRUST, Listening to and acting on our inner guidance and bringing sound healing and technology to the world.

    Stephen Dinan, founder & CEO of the SHIFT Network, talks about his book, Sacred America Sacred World, This vision of the future weaves the best of today’s emergent spirituality with seasoned political wisdom, demonstrating ways America can grow beyond its current stagnation and political gridlock to become a world leader in peace and progress.

    The Connection

    Listen to my fascinating conversation with film maker, journalist Shannon Harvey who has made a brilliant documentary film called 'The Connection’ , about the power of our mind and how we can heal and thrive with this power. In the film Shannon explores the relationship between the mind and the body.

    Hello Sunday Morning

    Listen to my enlightened conversation with Social Entrepreneur and CEO & Founder of Hello Sunday Morning, Chris Raine.

    It’s easy to get swept up in a drinking culture. Every now and then we need a rope to pull us back to dry land. Hello Sunday Morning is that rope.. ” Chris Raine.

    Listen to my conversation with producer, director and Difference Maker, Elly Bradbury. This is one of the most heartwarming, emotional and insightful conversations I’ve had on ATP Media. Elly shares her very personal story of Love, loss and pain and her AMAZING work with charities.

    Mike Worsman is Changing the World one smile at a time with his initiative; A Million SMILES.  Mike travels the world collecting stories and smiles from people who are living extraordinary circumstances, but still know how to smile. They are a testament to the resiliency of the human spirit and an inspiration to everyone who lives a comfortable life but has forgotten how to smile as many time a day as a child.

    Listen to my fascinating conversation with Canadian born Joshua Dawson; The Genie.

    He grants wishes to people in need or suffering, to remind them to smile again, love life and live in the moment. It all started with his Dad. Have a listen to his amazing story.

    How do you tell your story so others can receive what it is you really want to communicate. This skill is known by change makers and successful social entrepreneurs around the world. When you have your story straight, you will never need to sell your product or service. Your story will speak for you.

    Andrew holt law of attraction

    Listen to my chat with Andrew Holt, an ex school teacher who listen to primary school children complain about what they don't want a lot. Andrew went on to create a children's book to teach children about the Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation.

    What is the future for humanity? Listen to my brilliant chat with Filmmaker & Director Kaya Finlayson talk about his first documentary 'Future Dreaming'. A conversation with Dr David Martin about the future of our humanity and our world while in Antarctica early 2015.

    I chat with Justin Cooper, a former advertising guru who is now helping people go on inner journeys to uncover their LIFE purpose and their 'why they do what they do' in life and their business. It's a wonderful chat have a listen.

    Michelle Mahrer

    Enjoy Michelle and KAren's conversation about her 10 year journey making a documentary about the Brazilian Spiritual Healer, John of God. Michelle calls this her labour of love.

    Michelle is a filmmaker and 5 Rhythms Dance teacher who inspires people to be connected to radiance through movement and dance.

    Tom Murray

    I Chat with Director and Documentary Maker Tom Murry about his film Love In Our Time, his work with our indigenous people, Dying to Know Day and much more..

    Tom works in the Department of Media at Sydney’s Macquarie University. Tom has made a number of feature documentaries for ABC Radio National and his writing has appeared in numerous distinguished publications.

    Dave Jenkins

    Listen to my wonderful conversation with the very passionate founder of Surfaid, Dr Dave Jenkins. He founded Surfaid, a charity which rallies surfers around the world to raise money and go into poor environments in Asia to create better health. He is now passionate about alleviating dementia and Alzheimer’s in the aged Growing old does not equal getting sick.

    Kerrie Phipps

    I had such a wonderful time with the inspiring Kerrie Phipps who is an energetic communicator passionate about connecting and empowering Difference-Makers and Leaders. We chat about her new book ‘Do Talk To Stranger,’ connection, courage and care. Have a listen to our enchanting conversation

    I spoke with Chad Zani again on ATP Radio about his new business idea and product which is creating jobs and saving the environment. It launched in the USA in May 2015 because of the drought California has been through. Have a listen to this fascinating conversation. I hope it inspires you to hatch a plan for another business which serves the planet.

    I chat with the fabulous Omar Pinto from The Shair Podcast Show; Stories of Recovery. The show is set up to help people who have a too much substance abuse. It's a WONDERFUL show and service to people looking for Hope, connection, understanding and HELP!
    To hear more stories of recovery go to theshairpodcast.com


    Listen to Eloise King from Soul Sessions as she explains what it is to be an Enlightened Entrepreneur.

    Ronni Kahn OzHavest

    Listen to my wonderful chat with the very passionate Ronni Kahn, one of Australia's best known social entrepreneurs and founder of the food rescue charity, OzHarvest.

    What an amazing and inspirational woman, I so Loved talking with Ronni. You will too Enjoy!

    Sarah Rowan Dahl

    Experiential Artist, Sarah Rowan Dahl came into the radio studio to delight us and share her journey coming to Australia and being an artist who paints on stage while events happen around her. She will also be at Bondi for Sydney Peace Day festival 2014

    Ben Harrington Peace One Day

    Listen to my inspirational chat with Educational Ambassador, Ben Harrington from Peace One day. A global movement to address Peace on earth through a day of non violence on the 21 September every year.

    If this don't get you mobilized for Peace I don't know what will!

    Steve Killelea

    Have a listen to my wonderful chat with inspirational IT entrepreneur Steve Killelea, founder of the Charitable Foundation and visionary behind the Global Peace Index. He is the founder of the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) which is “analysing the impact of peace on sustainability, defining the ‘Peace Industry’

    This is a fascinating look into living with judgment, choices and prejudice. It takes a courageous soul to live their dream in the face of other people’s judgments about your lifestyle choices.

    Listen to Cassie’s journey. This is a wonderful conversation!

    Listen to my wonderful chat with the charismatic Getrude Matshe and writing coach Getrude Matshe.

    Hear how she is making a difference in the lives of hundreds of children Orphaned in Africa and how you too can become a change maker. This is a must listen..

    Paul is a 4-time TEDx speaker, a Senior Fellow in one of the World’s Leading Think Tanks and holds a Lifetime Service Award to the Accounting Profession in the UK. He is now Chairman of the revolutionary B1G1: Business for Good, a company that’s already enabled businesses to create over 62 Million giving impacts around the world.


    Listen to my wonderful chat with Sasha Cobra on ATP radio about her Nityama energy body work for men and how we relate with each other in romantic relationship. How do we understand each other when we perceive sexual love so differently?

    Vihn Giang Magic man

    .Magic is more than illusion, it is a state of mind body and soul. In truth we are all magic and have the ability to weave illusions on each other with ease and often do . Listen to my fascinating chat with the man of Magic and inspirational speaker, Vinh Giang, a young man with a lot to say.

    Shae-Lee Shackelford

    KAren chats with the gorgeous Shae-Lee Shackleford from SketchShe about the girls viral video, Mime Through Time, the most played film on Facebook of all time and the meteoric rise to fame and livin the dream. This is a fascinating conversation about how the Law of Attraction is shaping our lives, the ride to success, being on Ellen, the beginning of SketchShe and the future.

    Glenn Millanta

    Glenn and I spent a lot of time together on radio, teaming up for a while to do our shows. Actor, and singer and TV personality, Glenn is a master at inspiring his audience and making you laugh. I so Enjoyed my time on radio with him. 

    HOPE foundation

    Rosie and JP came on down to Auz all the way from the UK to see the wonderful work Kathy Wong is doing with her thongs, and have a chat with me about the HOPE foundation. A charity serving children in need. Listen to my conversation with the magnificent JP O'Sullivan from The Hope Foundation. What a GEM this man is. Funny, Caring, Engaging and a Difference Maker

    Listen to my fun chat with my good friend author and journalist Lisa Clifford on Accentuate the Positive Radio. Lisa grew up in Sydney but moved to Italy when she was sixteen. She returned to Australia after winning a scholarship to the Australian, Film, Television and Radio School. Following a career in journalism

    Tom Dawkins

    Listen to my fab chat with Tom Dawkins, Co-Founder and CEO of Start Some Good.com, a crowdfunding platform for social good projects. Director of the Australian Changemakers Festival, Tom has consulted with numerous nonprofits, associations and governments on how to better engage their communities using social technologies

    Bravo Child

    Listen to actor, artist and activist, Bravo Child talk with me on ATP Radio about his experiences in Martin Place the week following the Sydney Siege 2014. A beautiful reminder of the power of Love to heal and reconnect us.

    Joe Cross

    I had a chat with Mr Juice, Joe Cross maker of the movie ‘Fat Sick and Nearly Dead’ about his 60 day juice fast, about my juice fast at the beginning of this year 2015.  Joe had some really interesting things to say about juicing and health. He has also made the sequel to his first Doco ‘Fat Sick & Nearly Dead 2,’ which has a wonderful message.

    Listen to my wonderful chat with CEO of Concern Foundation Natasha Howie. Hear about her soul journey and how she went from Heartache to Heart Full. Concern Foundation founded by Irum Nafees in 2011 is a Nongovernmental, Nonprofit and Nonpolitical organisation based in Faisalabad in the province of Punjab – Pakistan.

    MARY Freer

    Listen to my chat with Mary Freer CEO and Director of Change Day on 11 March each year.

    Mary chats with me about the changes happening around the world in the healthcare industry... What an inspirational woman! Special ATP Award for International Women's Day 2015. MAKE A PLEDGE..

    Sydney Peace Foundation

    Listen to my enlightened chat with barrister David Hirsch, the chairman Sydney Peace Foundation, which awards a prestigious global Peace Prize each year to an important part of the peace resolution and social justice movement.

    We discuss many aspect of peace and social justice.

    The Saint & The Seeker

    Listen to my chat with the charismatic Christina Steven while she was in Sydney on a flying visit to promote her book; LOVE; The Saint and The Seeker.’ Born in Sydney, Australia, Chirstina is an award-winning filmmaker and author; an acrobatic pilot, environmental strategist, and inspirational speaker.

    Costa Georgiadis

    Listen to my wonderful chat with the fascinating Costa Georgiadis from the ABC's Gardening Australia about International Permaculture Day, Food and Sustainable Living.


    He is the Bomb!

    Listen to my chat with Tristan John Griffiths as we chat about his plans to help the homeless in the streets of Sydney. What an Inspirational Young Man

    I chat with Kathy Wong from Moeloco, a social entrepreneur business helping put shoes on kids in Calcutta . Listen to her fascinating story finding her heart and creating a business which makes a difference

    Muneesh Wadhwa

    Listen to my fascinating chat with The founder of Humanity in Business, Muneesh Wadhwa on ATP radio. We talk about the courageous souls who dare to use the L (LOVE) word when inspiring their teams at work. The workplace is where transformation is happening. People are rising up to find a new way of doing business

    Robyn Beeche

    Listen to my chat with celebrated photographer Robyn Beeche who has photographic works in the National Gallery of Australia and the National Gallery of Victoria.

    Robyn’s India exhibition is a selection of photos from the 21 years she has spent documenting and immersing herself in life in India.

    Aymeric Maudous

    Listen to my fascinating chat with Aymeric Maudous; Founder of EcoXpo in Sydney.

    Hear how he went from the rolling hills of Bordeaux France to High fashion in US to Marketing for Disney to Eco Expo’s in Sydney.

    It’s a fascinating story of how we can all make a difference and live our dreams.

    Listen to my fab chat with Singer Song writer and Comic Genius Luke Escombe on ATP Radio.

    We chat about his famous dad, how he turned songwriting into comedy, confidence, audience participation and much more. Luke is the sexiest voice on radio

    I chatted with Simon Cohen on ATP Radio from the UK, about giving away his business Global Tolerance in April 2014, why he is doing this, what he stands for and what he is doing in the world.


    Such a great conversation, have a listen

    Stuart Robertson PEACE in 10000 Hands

    Photographer Stu Robertson from New Zealand had an idea to spread the message of PEACE, and after putting his livelihood on the line, his dream is working. Stu has photographed people from all walks of life all over the world holding a single white rose.


    Jarryd Burns

    Listen to my chat with social entrepreneur Jarryd Burns co-founder of Thank You Water and Products. We speak about what the key is to achieving your dream in a social entrepreneurial business, and how ot make a difference in the world ?

    New South Wales students Damien and Keats from Ryde East Public school receive The Fred Hollows Humanity Award. Damien raised money for Unicef through the establishment and sale of a school newspaper which Keats also writes for. Listen to the boys tell me all about it on ATP Radio.

    Andrea Thompson

    Listen to our wonderful chat with the very inspirational creator of the Fair Go Game, Andrea Thompson.

    Andrea is an ex school teacher, hear how she made her 30 year dream come true and how it’s teaching and inspiring young industry leaders across the globe. A wonderful game for the family.


    Listen to my conversation with Dr Avi, a traditional Doctor turned Energy healer advocate, we discuss how western medical systems are falling behind in today’s progressive technologies for healing and how a conservative sceptical medical professional found that energy medicine and self healing is now at the forefront in todays world of awareness.

    Have a listen to my fab chat with Deborah Shepherd from Embrace Life Live Life about her Well Being festivals and her journey from Corporate to Well Being and supporting an industry which she loves and is available for all of us to find our wellness and Bliss