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    Robbie Holz healer

    Robbie Holz's husband, Gary Holz, went to outback Australia in the 90’s when he was a quadriplegic with MS. There Gary met and communed with aboriginal elders who gave him secrets to healing. He was told they were expecting him and they gave him their secrets of awakening and healing. Gary transitioned in 2007 and Robbie continues his work, with him guiding her from spirit. Today Robbie works with him in spirit in her healing and teaching work.

    Ian Gawler on ATP

    Long Term Cancer Survivor Ian Gawler is well known as a pioneer in Mind-Body Medicine and therapeutic meditation. He is a long-term cancer survivor and an articulate advocate for a healthy lifestyle. The author of 6 bestselling books, Ian has spent the last 35 years developing a wide range of self-help techniques that integrate lifestyle practices, such as a healthy diet, regular exercise and meditation.

    Dr. Maree Batchelor, MD worked in mainstream medicine as a GP (family doctor) for over twenty years, but after the tragic death of her son in 2008, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening and went on to study and practice with a holistic approach to her patients. A further profound experience in India in 2014, propelled her even deeper into the realms of energy medicine and the holographic field.

    Deliberate Creation with KAren Swain

    All healing is vibrational. We look at this physical universe and think in order to change it we need to change the physical circumstances, but in truth it all starts in the nonphysical world. Your health is a vibrational match to your beliefs. Change your beliefs and you will change your body.

    Here are some beliefs to help you heal

    Desda Zuckerman

    A new paradigm for transformational change based on the subtle energies of the Human Structure. I chat with spiritual teacher and mentor Desda Zuckerman about so many wonderful things. Our energy body and how to use it . How to not pick up other people’s pain when healing or tuning into them. We chat about her journey of healing and discovering her profound teachings

    Healer Ann Joel

    John Of God

    Listen to my Amazing chat with Energy Healer Ann Joel from our last show in Dec 2013 on ATP Radio.

    Ann shares her incredible healing journey and tell us about the miraculous stories of faith and healing she has witnessed when she takes people over to Brazil to experience the medium John of God and the incredible healings at the Casa Dom Inacio in Abajania Brazil.

    Mother Meera healing Corrie Sullivan

    I chat with the wonderful Corrie Sullivan a beautiful energy healer from the northern beaches of Sydney, who sponsors and organizers Mother Meera’s trips to Sydney about Mothers visits down under. Why she comes, who she is and how seeing her can help us heal, love and centre.

    Listen to my fascinating conversation with film maker, journalist Shannon Harvey who has made a brilliant documentary film called 'The Connection’ , about the power of our mind and how we can heal and thrive with this power. In the film Shannon explores the relationship between the mind and the body.

    Sharon White, from Global Healing Exchange came into the radio studio on Saturday to chat about her journey this year with a breakdown, finding support and changing her focus to a more successful model for work and living her dream to expand and support the holistic and energy healing industry .

    Deb Shapherd

    Have a listen to my wonderful chat with Deborah Shepherd from Embrace Life. We chat about her Well Being festivals and her journey from Corporate to Wellness coach and now as a facilitator of Wellness festival supporting an industry she loves, and making alternative wellbeing businesses available for all to find.

    Sharon Snir

    Everyday Miracles

    Listen to my wonderful chat with Sharon, we talk about her books ‘The little book of Everyday Miracles’ and Looking for Lionel. The miraculous world we live in and the importance of noticing the everyday Miracles. The gift in her Mother’s Dementia.The passing of her father Lionel. How we can communicate with people who do not communicate the same way we do, Star children as teachers, being enlightened.

    Petrea King Quest For Life on Earth

    Petrea King founder of the Quest for life foundation is a bright star in the world of self help and healing, she has received the Advance Australia Award, Citizen of the Year and the Centenary Medal for her contribution to the community, she has been nominated for Australian of the year each year since 2003, she was also featured in channel 9's television show 'This is your life.'

    Listen to my wonderful conversation with the very passionate founder of Surfaid, Dr Dave Jenkins. He founded Surfaid, a charity which rallies surfers around the world to raise money and go into poor environments in Asia to create better health. He is now passionate about alleviating dementia and Alzheimer’s in the aged Growing old does not equal getting sick.

    soul to soul

    Rebecca Brown tells us her life story and how she found her way to loving her life and helping other find their spiritual connection. Rebecca is a regular person with a regular story. From a traumatic childhood to a primary school teacher to the life of a party girl in the corporate world, she awakened and set forth on a path of healing herself.

    Infinite Love and Gratitude

    Listen to my wonderful chat with Dr Darren Weissman. We chat about his work, how he discovered his calling, why he does this and how this can help humanity evolve? This is a fascinating look into the meaning of pain, disease, personal and ancestral beliefs and how our suffering can serve us.

    Listen to my wonderful chat with Clinical psychologist Ron Farmer Ph.D from the Gold Coast Australia. I am sure you will fall in love with him as much as I did. Ron graduated from University of QLD with a Ph.D in psychology, he lectured for six years in the School of Applied Psychology, University of NSW. Ron is now a spiritual teacher.

    Listen to my fascinating chat with founder of The Reconnective Healing Dr Eric Pearl. We discuss how he came across this amazing phenomena, how it is not an energy healing technique, he was very specific about this, and how it has changed his life, the lives of many people across the world and can change yours.

     Stephanie Dowrick is a Australian spiritual writer and minister. Through her writing and teaching, Stephanie offers significant encouragement to our shared psychological and spiritual development, and to our individual and collective well-being. Her particular skill is in anticipating and responding to the key social, spiritual and psychological questions.

    Vianna Stibal Theta Healing

    Listen to my wonderful conversation with Vianna Stibal. We talk about how miraculous we all are when we align with source energy. We chat about the beginning, how it all started, and where Theta Healing is today. Why it's call Theta Healing, the different brain waves and what they mean. Hear how spontaneous healing can occur.

    Listen to my wonderful chat with the amazing Tom Silver. He is a wealth of knowledge about the power of our mind. We talk about his journey, his relationship with his beloved mentor and friend Ormond McGill . Exactly what is happening to people on stage who are hypnotised to do things they think they would never do. The different stages of hypnosis.

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