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    We Are MultiDimensional Beings From Many Places in the Cosmos

    Mary Rodwell ET Lady

    Called ‘THE ALIEN LADY,’ Mary Rodwell has been helping people activate and remember their life’s calling and multidimensional selves, while supporting and counselling the difference makers here to transform our world, for over 30 years.


    Mary is recognised internationally as one of Australia’s leading researchers and writers in the UFO and contact phenomenon areas.

    Luren kurth Starseed ET connect

    Lauren Kurth is a UFO and ET Experiencer, her mission is to facilitate UFO and Extraterrestrial peaceful and enlightened contact events and training evenings, using Lauren’s own personal contact protocols, from her life long experience to expand consciousness and raise awareness of the UFO and Extra-terrestrial interaction with humanity on Earth.

    Sherry Wilde rejoining our cosmic family

    Listen to Sherry Wilde tell some of her fascinating story remembering her encounters with her buddies, extraterrestrial beings from another race and world.

    Hear why she had so many contacts, or abductions with them, and what their message is for humanity.
    Her journey is outlined in her wonderful book The Forgotten Promise: Rejoining Our Cosmic Family


    micheila sheldan

    During a struggle to overcome chronic pain, Micheila experienced a shift of awakening, discovering her intuitive gifts and launching a journey to better understand her connection to the spirit world. In the course of her healing process and spiritual awakening, she became a spiritual channel. of many off earth, extra dimensional, galactic entities and spiritual beings

    I had such a fun time chatting with the multi talented Darryl Anka, a director, writer, producer for Zia Films and channel for Bashar. A highly evolved Extraterrestrial Being living in another dimension, which we would perceive as our future.. Bashar has many things to teach us about the nature of creating our personal reality and how to live in alignment with our dreams and broader perspective. Bashar also has many things to tell us about the universe and multi universes he perceives from his vantage point in the cosmos.

    Garnet Schulhuaser

    Conservative catholic lawyer Garnet Schulhauser has some extraordinary experiences with a homeless man in 2008, who turned out to be his spiritual guide Albert. Albert asked Garnet to awaken to his spiritual truth and write about his adventures with Albert in other dimensions, on other planets and in the non-physical spiritual world. This is a Fascinating conversations.

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