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    Scribe of The Team Books:

    A Mother’s Wisdom from the Other Side, chats about connecting with her mother & spiritual team in higher dimensions.

    “You are not alone! You are not really even functioning as just one person. Nobody is… for you are a member of a spiritual Team as close to you as breathing.”

    Will Berlinghof chats about his journey discovering Tarot in his youth, his work as a reader and his introduction to channeling Cosmic Awareness, a stream of consciousness that has channelled through many, including Edgar Cayce in the early 1900’s.

    Lorna Byrne Angels in my Hair

    Lorna Byrne is an extraordinary woman with the ability to see, through her physical eyes, the reality of Angels and Spirit. She hid this ability most of her life, until she could not resist the Angels asking her to tell humanity what she can see. In 2008 she finished her autobiographical book Angels in My Hair which chronicles her life until the time of the death of her husband Joe.


    I had such a fun time chatting with the multi talented Darryl Anka, a director, writer, producer for Zia Films and channel for Bashar. A highly evolved Extraterrestrial Being living in another dimension, which we would perceive as our future.. Bashar has many things to teach us about the nature of creating our personal reality and how to live in alignment with our dreams and broader perspective.

    Jamie Butler

    I had such an enlightening conversation with the wonderful Jamie Butler, one of the most extraordinary mediums I have ever encountered. I first saw Jamie speaking for Erik Medhus on the Channeling Erik Blog and love the way she was bringing through the messages from spirit. Erik died in 2009

    Michiela Sheldon

    During a struggle to overcome chronic pain, Micheila experienced a shift of awakening, discovering her intuitive gifts and launching a journey to better understand her connection to the spirit world. In the course of her healing process and spiritual awakening, she became a spiritual channel.

    Mother Mary

    Danielle Gibbons has been channeling Mother Mary for over 22 years. Danielle shares her fascinating story, struggle for self acceptance and how Mother came to her to bring her back to her true self. At the end of our time together, Danielle channels Mother for us, who teaches a simple but profound lesson and gives a message to humanity.

    Garnet Schulhauser on ATP Media

    Conservative catholic lawyer Garnet Schulhauser has some extraordinary experiences with a homeless man in 2008, who turned out to be his spiritual guide Albert. Albert asked Garnet to awaken to his spiritual truth and write about his adventures with him.

    Robbie Holz's husband, Gary Holz, went to outback Australia in the 90’s when he was a quadriplegic with MS. There Gary met and communed with aboriginal elders who gave him secrets to healing. He was told they were expecting him and they gave him their secrets of awakening and healing. Gary transitioned in 2007 and Robbie continues his work, with him guiding her from spirit. Today Robbie works with him in spirit in her healing and teaching work.

    Paul Selig on ATP Media

    Playwright, university lecturer and spiritual channel Paul Selig about his journey and his third channeled book, The book of Knowing and Wort, discusses what it is to feel worthy, how to embody our divine nature, personality vs character, the nature of our true self, what the christ consciousness is, how to embody this and much more.

    Elisa Medhus

    Channeling Erik Medhus

    This is a fascinating conversation about who we are and how we go on. How Elisa found her peace of mind, how we can all talk with our loved ones in spirit. What the departed want us to know about who we are and how we can best live a good life and much more… Erik has so much to teach us about life on earth and life off earth.

    Charles Peden ATP Media

    On an evening in January 2006, a ghost appeared to Charles and re-awakened his dormant abilities to communicate with the spirits of those who had passed. He had been a skeptic of all things paranormal as an adult and had chalked up his childhood memories to nothing more than a vivid imagination. what she was to communicate. 😀

    Moys Love Council of Light

    Moya Love has been journaling for over twenty years. In 2010 her writing style changed and she noticed wise teachings being offered to her.

    This beautifully crafted anthology of transcribed messages, presents profound teachings from the non-physical Council of Joy. Moya Love is living proof that the spiritual principles shared in these pages really work. This a lyrical and mesmeric reading experience, offering beacons of light.

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