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    We Are Born To Fly

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    We are Multidimensional Beings Existing on Many Different Levels Simultaneously

    Cyrus Kirkpatrick

    Listen to KAren’s fascinating conversation with Cyrus Kirkpatrick, author of “Understanding Life After Death,” as we explore the many different environments we can play in when we transition and while we are asleep or meditating. Cyrus has had many out-of-body experiences cruising the astral plains, and he is aware and conscious he is living in two environments, Physical and Astral.

    Garnet Schulhauser

    Conservative catholic lawyer, Garnet Schulhauser has some extraordinary experiences with a homeless man in 2008, who turned out to be his spiritual guide Albert. Albert asked Garnet to awaken to his spiritual truth and then write about this to help humanity evolve and awaken to a new era of civilisation. Hear about Garnets amazing astral body adventures with Albert and how he gained incredible insights from the other side and his spiritual self on how to help planet earth and humanity evolve and survive.

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