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    Working with the Angelic Realms

    Lorna Byrne is an extraordinary woman with the ability to see, through her physical eyes, the reality of Angels and Spirit. She hid this ability most of her life, until she could not resist the Angels asking her to tell humanity what she can see. In 2008 she finished her autobiographical book Angels in My Hair which chronicles her life until the time of the death of her husband Joe.

    Danielle Gibbons has been channeling Mother Mary for over 22 years. Here Danielle shares her fascinating story, struggle for self acceptance and how Mother came to her to bring her back to her true self. At the end of our time together, Danielle channels Mother for us, who teaches a simple but profound lesson and gives a message to humanity. Mothers works with the Angelic realm who are in service to humanity.

    Robbie Holz Wellness

    Robbie Holz's husband, Gary Holz, went to outback Australia in the 90’s when he was a quadriplegic with MS. There Gary met and communed with aboriginal elders who gave him secrets to healing. He was their secrets of awakening and healing. Gary & Robbie work with the Angelic Realm for healing. Gary transitioned in 2007 and Robbie continues his work, with him guiding her from spirit.

    Listen to Ananda Netti explain her plans for her Angels and what the Peace Angels stand for.


    We also talk about Life, Love and the Universe, Deliberate Creation and Much more. It’s really is a fantastic conversation ENJOY!

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    Join us each mother for Deliberate Creation teachings with

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    The Inner Sanctum Monthy webinars for the new world teachers
    The Inner Sanctum Monthy webinars for the new world teachers

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