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    Death is not the end,

    it's a turning of a page in the eternal story of our soul.

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    Conversations with Open Hearts & Inspired Minds on ATP Media

    with KAren Swain


    Retired Nurse and Mother of two Yvonne Ballard has an expansive NDE which gave her a broader perspective and changed her world and her life.

    Penny Wilson on ATP Media

    Retired nurse and mother of three with two beautiful grandchildren, Penny Wilson had an extraordinary Near Death Experience.


    Author of “Understanding Life After Death,”

    Cyrus chats about what happens when you die.

    There are so many different accounts, and all of them are valid.


    The Team Books:

    Channeled Wisdom. A Mother’s Wisdom from the Other Side.

    “You are not alone! You are not really even functioning as just one person. Nobody is… for you are a member of a spiritual Team as close to you as breathing.”

    The tragic death of her son brings an Awakening to our multidimensional reality. Dr. Maree worked in mainstream medicine as a GP for over twenty years, after the tragic death of her son in 2008, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening.

    Krista experienced an NDE while giving birth to her daughter in 2000. There she met Angels and Benevolent beings who showed her who she truly is and answered all her questions about life, love and the universe.


    is the message Scarlett Lewis’s 6 year old son, Jesse left on their kitchen chalkboard just before he was shot and killed at his school, at the Sandy Hook school massacre, in 2012. Today Scarlett is changing lives with her enrichment program in schools.


    Getrude Matshe, from Write a Book in 40 Hours, asks KAren questions about her journey with Death and Awakening to our true nature. This is some of KAren's story and the insights she gained from the many traumas she lived.


    Elly Bradbury

    Listen to my conversation with producer, director and Difference Maker, Elly Bradbury. This is one of the most heartwarming, emotional and insightful conversations I’ve had on ATP Media. Elly shares her very personal story of Love, loss and pain and her AMAZING work with charities.

    Kathryne Hand Life betwen life

    Hypnotherapist specialising in LBL Regressions, and co-founder of the Afterlife Explorers Conference, Kathryn Hand chats about who we are as Souls, how to access our broader perspective, how we do not need to have a NDE to go back to the spiritual side.

    My Son in the Afterlife

    After the tragic suicide of her twenty year old son Erik, Elisa started her Blog Channeling Erik, her book ‘My Son in the Afterlife’ and Erik’s new book written by Erik from heaven, received by Jamie Butler, about life in the Afterlife, "My Life after Death: A Memoir from Heaven”.

    Natalie had an incredible NDE which she writes about comprehensively in her book. This is an Enlightened conversation where we explore many tragic earthly subject from a non physical perspective. Natalie is the BOMB!!. No pun intended.


    In 2014, self professed atheist Nancy Rynes, was hit by a truck while riding her bike. She experience an amazing NDE and received many messages from her guides on the other side about how we can be more divine, live our best life, how we create our reality & more.


    Sandra Champlian

    Sandra Champlain's fear of dying lead her on a 15-year journey to find proof that life after death is real. After the death of her father, she created "How to Survive Grief," a free audio that was quickly heard by thousands worldwide.


    KAren Swain on We don't die

    After the death of my mother when I was 16, i had many visitations from her and other loved ones in spirit. They took me on a journey to remember who I am and why I had come to earth. They were persistent, diligent and determined to get through my inquiring and critical mind, and they did!

    Father of Chloe, killed in the Bali Bombings in 2002, Dave Byron is finding Happiness every morning by making a powerful choice. He has the BEST attitude to life, this is a must listen. Dave is one of the most inspirational men I have spoken with on ATP. Dave reminds us that it is a daily choice to think in a way that feels good or feels bad.

    A chiropractor and songwriter living in Manhattan, abandoned her hectic city life in search of serenity in a small, secluded house by the bay. When her brother Billy died unexpectedly and began speaking to her from the afterlife, Annie agreed to accompany him on his journey through the mysteries of death.

    Yantra Lindon is on a journey to tell her story in a three part book series. The first of the series, which will be her personal story is ‘Profound Awakening' and is about meeting Papaji Now’ Number two;

    Other people’s Profound Awakening and Meeting Death..

    Dr Iain Edwards lived through the murder of his beloved wife 32 years ago and through a series of experiences and a spiritual journey he discovers wisdom that will change his life.

    ” I felt physically connected with something else that I had never been aware of before.”

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